Spare Parts

An episodic visual novel series about trauma, identity, and gay robots.

-by Sophie Rose-

Episode 1:
"Little Trail of Smoke"

Release Date: September 4, 2020

Lucy stumbles into a shop run by a mysterious woman named "Unit 01" who is clearly hiding some secrets. She can't help but stick her nose in.


Episode 3:
"Find Your Place in Heaven"

Release Date: TBA 2022

More coming soon.




Episode 2:
"Release Yourself From Flame"

Release Date: June 10, 2021

Unit 03 tries to enjoy her very limited freedom, while 01 struggles to chart the path forward. Lucy gets caught in the middle.


"If I could make her show me this smile every day...

......I would do anything."

Lucy is an early-20-something girl who's just left her parents' home for the first time. After a life of abuse at their hands, she's in a new town, and looking for a fresh start.

When she finally lands her first job, it's because a mysterious woman named Unit 01 granted it to her on the spot, for seemingly no reason. But whether she deserves it or not, it'll keep her and her roommate Killie housed and fed. So she takes it up.

Then...she stumbles upon the shop's humongous underground lab, learns about the lonely situation of an energetic and very sweet girl named Unit 03, and somehow manages to avoid learning that she, along with the three others who live there, are all androids with no memory of how or why they were created.

As she learns more and more about their problems, her desire to help them grows greater and greater. She wants more than anything to see her new friends alive, happy, and together with her...

...But what can a weak shut-in like her do?

And how much is she willing to sacrifice...if it means becoming their savior?


"Six months from now... I wonder what my life will look like by then...?"

An earnest, hard-working, and very clumsy girl. At least, that's how she's rebranding herself. Though she's awkward and prone to overthinking things, she has a good heart, and only wants the best for everyone.

Her nosiness tends to get her in a lot of trouble,'s gotten her this far, hasn't it?

Unit 01

"......It doesn't matter. Regardless of how she feels, I have to keep her safe."

It's hard to know what's going on inside her head at a glance. In fact, it takes a lot of work to get her to share anything about herself. But if you can get past her cold, calculating exterior, you'll find that desperation is what truly drives her.

Despite appearances, she's become fond of telling jokes.

Unit 03

"Let's get going! 'Haste Makes It Great,' as they say!!"

Though she's a little difficult to keep up with, it takes no time at all to warm up to 03. She's fun, kind, thoughtful, and most importantly of all, unreasonably cute. It's almost like she was built that way!

But beneath her charm and energy, she's harboring a deeply lonely and resentful heart. It can only stay hidden for so long.

Unit 04

"Huhuhu. No need for humility... It's a pleasure."

The weakest of the four androids, with a body that is constantly threatening to fall apart. As such, they spend very little time out of their sleeping pod. They speak cryptically, but once you learn to parse their words, it's easy to see that they're a very sensitive and kind person

Oh, uh, that behind them is Unit 02. She...doesn't want to talk.


Theo Krantz:
Music, sound design

Cry Like Donna - SoundCloud

Sophie Rose:
Character art, writing, programming, etc.

Itch - Patreon - Twitter

Ruby T:
Background art, costuming

Patreon - Twitter