Coquette Dragoon

"She came all this way to meet this machine.

A machine that could protect her.

A machine that she could become the heart of.

She wished... that somehow it would come to life, and wrap its hand around her."

The humanoid armored cavalry weapon, 'dragoon.'

A machine only one in ten thousand people can pilot, a machine that can make anyone special, so long as they are chosen.

At the tail end of a long and gruesome war, all that remains are the Lilac Fleet—a nation formed of battleships trapped within a planetary ring—and the regal Duchy of Lucia; eternally locked in a violent struggle, teeth buried in eachother's sides.

Cursed with a life of debt and misfortune from her very first breath, Xio finds herself thrust into a glistening new world when she discovers her eligibility for the role of Lilac dragoon pilot. Desperate to escape her life of poverty at the edges of the fleet, she accepts the risks and boards a shuttle to the pristine capital.

Shrapnel wounds, polished floors, delicious food, plastic toys, and shared cigarettes in the grass; Xio's new life is nothing like she expected.

Created by Ivy M.

Music by ootheca and clover & sealife.


Coquette Dragoon is an alternative mecha/girls love ongoing episodic visual novel series, currently available to read by Patreon subscription and coming soon to!

Coquette is released in volumes on, and is available to read per chapter as they are completed on Patreon!

Currently, Chapter One is available to read on Patreon, with Volume 1 on the way for release!

Coquette Dragoon is a work strictly for adult audiences, and contains strong themes, violence/gore and nudity/sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.